My name is Pat Fehling and I’m an Addiction Psychiatrist.  That means I am Board Certified in General Psychiatry as well as Addiction Psychiatry.  I went to medical school at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and completed my residency and fellowship at the University of Colorado.


Today, I work two careers – one is out of my private office in Denver where I treat patients with addictions as well as mental health and relationship struggles.  Most of my work with those patients is via psychotherapy as we tend to meet for hour-long appointments (I guess that’s strange amongst psychiatrists…they seem to just want to prescribe meds!).

My second position is managing an inpatient addiction team at the University of Colorado Hospital – Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR).  I continue to learn more and more about healing patients from addictive disorders through my work at CeDAR and very much appreciate our team.

I built RecoveryArc because I thought all of the diagrams, articles, lectures and teaching I give at CeDAR could be useful to more patients.  I provide my patients a weekly lecture series about any addiction topics we can think of.  If I don’t know the answer, I go to the right sources and research scientific journals to figure it out.  My patients say to me that this lecture series is easy to follow, advanced and scientific, and entertaining – all at the same time!

In my search for online platforms for addiction treatment, I’ve encountered either:

Tele-therapy programs that link patients up with therapists to conduct Skype-based sessions


Fluff clinical content that is fundamentally wrong and not scientific.  Such online programs will say that “addiction is not a disease” and “all you need is the right mindset to heal.”  These courses tend to be beneath what you need and often are way too expensive for the content. 


RecoveryArc won’t offer you everything.  It is not a substitute for dedicated, in-person addiction treatment.  It also cannot give you the appropriate medical care you may need to stabilize, such as medications or safe detox.  For these things, I’m encouraging you to connect with the right providers.

What it can give you is tremendous value – detailed information and concepts for you to reflect on and discuss with your clinician.  Podcasts, diagrams, and videos featuring all of the material I teach my patients.  All of this is at a micro-fraction of what it costs to see an addiction expert in a professional office.

RecoveryArc is Information

Through having the right, targeted information at your disposal, you’ll be better equipped to make changes.


I’ll help you work a healing program of:






This program will help you use these principles in your arc of healing.  You’ll be using evidence-based, fundamentally sound approaches to change your life.

Work through a program with us for 52 weeks and you’ll be more health conscious about your substance use and recovery.


You make the real change.  Recovery Arc  points you at the right things

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