Welcome to RecoveryArc.  My name is Dr. Pat Fehling, and I’m an Addiction Psychiatrist in Denver, Colorado.  This site offers high-quality addiction recovery courses that are easy to follow and designed in a way to lead to strong life change.  We use the same topics in this program as I provide to all of my private clients through my office.

How can RecoveryArc benefit you?


Understand your Addiction better

Why settle for overly simplistic content you find online?  RecoveryArc will provide the same caliber teaching as what I give my medical students in my role as an educator as well as clinician.

Engage in your arc of change whenever, wherever

Therapy is constrained by your therapist’s hours, your hours, and transit.  Why not use our web-based and mobile platforms to strengthen your recovery?  Confidential, efficient, effective

Maximize the time and money you’re investing in treatment

Addiction treatment both inpatient and outpatient is expensive and time-consuming.  A small investment through RecoveryArc will pay itself back quickly in how much more equipped you are in your treatment.

Help your clinician help you!

The guidance and structure of RecoveryArc is useful for all clinicians.  Use our program as a template for topics to discuss in the office.  Be a better consumer of your healthcare!

How it Works

If you wish to try RecoveryArc, we have FREE and PREMIUM content

A Premium Annual Subscription is $15 for the year – $0.30 per week

We have an Alcoholism Course, Opioid Course, or Family Course (Do all 3!)

You can also subscribe to our mailing list to have a sequence of 52 sessions delivered to you

Our Podcasts are all FREE and available on iTunes (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE US…You will receive numerous Dr. Fehling karma points and a bonus ‘thumbs up’ for helping to support us on iTunes)


I also describe RecoveryArc as a Therapy Companion or a Therapy Booster.  It will be most effective for you when combining it with traditional medical treatment and/or counseling, but can be used alone for people who have limited access to addiction clinicians.  Please talk to your provider about your use of this program and review the concepts.  Many doctors have very limited time to spend with their patients.  This program is a useful, value-based supplement in your recovery.  Use it and improve your outcomes.

It’s only $15 per Year!

How much are you paying for treatment these days?

Thank you to our members.  You help support the continued development of our content!
-Pat Fehling, MD

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